Baby Names

Browse through our alphabetical selection of baby names, including the meaning and origin for each name.

Name Sex Meaning of Name Origin
Aaliyah Female above it all Hebrew
Aaron Male enlightened; messenger Hebrew
Abigail Female father’s joy Hebrew
Adam Male man, or mankind Hebrew
Addison Female child of Adam English
Adrian Male rich; dark Greek
Aidan Male fiery Irish
Aiden Male fiery Irish
Aizivaishe Female God knew Shona
Akani Male and Female to build Xitsonga
Alejandro Male defender of mankind Spanish
Alex Male defender of mankind Greek
Alexa Female defender of mankind Greek
Alexander Male defender of mankind Greek
Alexandra Female defender of mankind Greek
Alexis Female defender of mankind Greek
Allison Female truthful & noble English
Alu Male and Female be prosperous Tshivenda
Aluwanip Male and Female be prosperous Tshivenda
Alyssa Female administers healing Greek
Amelia Female hard working German
Amose Male burdened; troubled Basotho
Amukelani Male and Female acceptance Xitsonga
Anashe Female with God Shona
Anatswanashe Female perfected by God Shona
Andrea Female strong & courageous Greek
Andrew Male manly Greek
Anesu Female is with us Shona
Anesuishe Female God with us Shona
Angel Male angel; messenger Greek
Angelina Female heavenly messenger Russian
Anna Female gracious German
Anodiwa Female the loved one Shona
Anokosha Female he is important Shona
Anthony Male praiseworthy Latin
Antonio Male praiseworthy Italian
Ariana Female holy French
Arianna Female pure + holy Greek
Ashley Female ash-tree meadow English
Athiambiwied Male and Female should not be talked about Tshivenda
Atidaishe Female God has loved us Shona
Aubrey Female bear like German
Audrey Female noble strength English
Austin Male majestic Latin
Autumn Female autumn Latin
Ava Female bearer of good news Greek
Avery Female like a bird English
Avhadali Male and Female cannot be satisfied Tshivenda
Avhapfani Male and Female they do not get along Tshivenda
Awande Female may love; kindness grow Ndebele
Ayanda Female we are having more girls Ndebele
Ayanda Male the family is growing Zulu
Ayibongwe Female may God be thanked Ndebele
Azwihangwisi Male and Female it is unforgettable Tshivenda
Azwimmbavhi Male and Female I am not bothered Tshivenda
Azwinaki Male and Female brings shame to the family Tshivenda
Azwinndini Male and Female I am not bothered Tshivenda
Bambanani Male unite Ndebele
Bandile Male the family is growing Zulu
Banele Male boys are enough Ndebele
Basetsana Female ladies Basotho
Benjamin Male son of my right hand Hebrew
Bezile Male first of twins; the have come Xhosa
Bheka Male watch; take care of Ndebele
Bhekithemba Male look after hope Ndebele
Bhekizizwe Male look after the nations Ndebele
Blake Male handsome; dark complexion English
Bokang Female praise or rejoice Basotho
Bongani Female we are grateful Ndebele
Bongani Male be thankful Zulu
Bongile Female thanks Ndebele
Bophelo Female life Basotho
Boreng Female where the enemy lies Basotho
Botle Female beauty Basotho
Brandon Male beacon hill English
Brayden Male broad valley English
Brian Male strong, virtuous Irish
Brianna Female virtuous & honorable Irish
Brooke Female brook or stream English
Brooklyn Female Brook + Lynn American
Bryan Male strong, virtuous Scottish
Buang Female speak; chat Basotho
Butholezwe Male warrior of the nation Ndebele
Buyisiwe Female blessed Zulu
Caden Male friend, companion American
Caleb Male doggedly faithful Hebrew
Cameron Male crooked nose Scottish
Carlos Male farmer Spanish
Caroline Female little & strong French
Carson Male son of Carr English
Carter Male cart driver English
Cebile Female rich Ndebele
Cebisile Male have guided Ndebele
Charles Male farmer German
Chase Male agile hunter French
Chloe Female blooming; verdant Greek
Christian Male follower of Christ Greek
Christopher Male patron saint of travelers Greek
Claire Female clear & bright Latin
Cole Male cabbage farmer Latin
Connor Male wise Scottish
Dali Male and Female cannot be satisfied Tshivenda
Daniel Male God is my judge Hebrew
Daniele Male God is my judge Basotho
Danisa Male make sad Ndebele
Danisani Male make sad Ndebele
David Male beloved Hebrew
Destiny Female destiny; fate American
Diego Male supplanter Spanish
Dikeledi Female tears Basotho
Dikgang Female arguments Basotho
Dikotsi Male accidents Basotho
Dingani Male what are you looking for? Ndebele
Dintle Female beauty Basotho
Dipalesa Female flowers Basotho
Dominic Male belonging to the Lord Latin
Dova Female morning dew Shona
Dowe Male and Female get used to it Tshivenda
dowelani Male and Female get used to it Tshivenda
Dylan Male of the sea Welsh
Dzingai Male chase away Shona
Edzai Female try Shona
Elijah Male the Lord is my God Hebrew
Elizabeth Female consecrated to God Hebrew
Ella Female beautiful fairy-woman English
Emily Female industrious; flatterer Latin
Emma Female industrious German
Eric Male ruler of all; brave ruler Scand.
Esaia Male God is my salvation Basotho
Ethan Male strong of purpose; firm Hebrew
Evan Male young warrior Irish
Evelyn Female hazelnut English
Faith Female faithful; fidelity English
Farai Female rejoice Shona
Farirai Female find joy Shona
Felleng Female beyond the end; exposed Basotho
Fhulufhuwani Male and Female forget it! Tshivenda
Fikile Female she has arrived Ndebele
Filemone Male kiss; lover’s kiss Basotho
Funi Male and Female love one another Tshivenda
Gabriel Male devoted to God Hebrew
Gabriella Female devoted to God Italian
Gabrielle Female devoted to God French
Gavin Male white hawk Welsh
Gianna Female God is gracious Italian
Grace Female graceful Latin
Gugu Female precious Zulu
Hailey Female hay meadow English
Haley Female meadow gathering place English
Hangwani Male and Female has forgotten Tshivenda
Hannah Female gracious Hebrew
Hayden Male hedged valley English
Henry Male ruler of the household German
Hulisani Male and Female give respect to Tshivenda
Humbe Male and Female ask Tshivenda
Humbelani Male and Female ask Tshivenda
Hunter Male hunter English
Ian Male God is gracious Scottish
Isaac Male he will laugh Hebrew
Isabel Female consecrated to God Spanish
Isabella Female consecrated to God Italian
Isabelle Female consecrated to God Spanish
Isaiah Male God is my salvation Hebrew
Jack Male supplanter or substitute American
Jackson Male son of Jack English
Jacob Male supplanter; son of Isaac Hebrew
Jada Female gift giver Arabic
Jaden Male God has heard us Hebrew
Jakobo Male substitute Basotho
James Male supplanter Hebrew
Jasmine Female jasmine flower Persian
Jason Male healer Greek
Jayden Male God has heard us Hebrew
Jayla Female Jaye + Lynn American
Jenna Female white phantom Welsh
Jennifer Female white phantom Welsh
Jeremia Male God will uplift Basotho
Jeremiah Male God will uplift Hebrew
Jeso Male God is my salvation Basotho
Jessica Female wealthy Hebrew
Jesus Male God is my salvation Hebrew
Jocelyn Female joyous Latin
John Male God is gracious Hebrew
Jonathan Male gift of God Hebrew
Jordan Female descending Hebrew
Jordan Male descending Hebrew
Jose Male God will add Spanish
Josefa Male God will add Basotho
Joseph Male God will increase Hebrew
Joshua Male God is my salvation Hebrew
Juan Male God is gracious Spanish
Julia Female youthful English
Julian Male youthful, downy-bearded Greek
Justin Male just; righteous Latin
Kabelo Male inheritance; given Basotho
Kaden Male friend, companion American
Kagiso Female peace Setswana
Kaitlyn Female pure Irish
Katelyn Female pure Irish
Katherine Female pure Greek
Katleho Female success Basotho
Katleho Male success Basotho
Kayla Female crown of laurels Arabic
Kaylee Female Kay + Lee American
Kealeboga Male thank you Setswana
Keneuwe Female I’ve been given Basotho
Kerefese Male English Griffiths Basotho
Keromang Female one who was sent Basotho
Kevin Male kind and gentle Irish
Khathu Male and Female forgiveness Tshivenda
Khathutshelo Male and Female forgiveness Tshivenda
Khauhelo Female compassion; pity Basotho
Khumbu Male and Female remind me Tshivenda
Khuthala Male second of twins; be diligent Xhosa
Kimberly Female chief; ruler English
Koketso Female addition Sepedi
Kutloisiso Female understanding Basotho
Kutloisiso Male understanding Basotho
Kutlwano Male mutual understanding Basotho
Kwanele Male it is enough Zulu
Kyle Male narrow piece of land Irish
Kylie Female narrow piece of land Irish
Landon Male open, grassy meadow English
Langalibalele Female born during a drought Xhosa
Lauren Female crowned with laurels English
Layla Female dark beauty; night Hebrew
Leabua Male you speak courteously Basotho
Leah Female weary Hebrew
Lebohang Female be thankful Basotho
Lebona Male the one who sees Basotho
Lefa Male inheritance Basotho
Lemohang Male take cognizance Basotho
Lenka Male taker Basotho
Lentswe Male voice Basotho
Lerato Female love Basotho
Lereko Male abundance; merciful Basotho
Lesebo Male gift from the ancestors Basotho
Letsie Male chieftain; leader of the tribe Basotho
Letsoalo Male fear; apprehension Basotho
Letswalo Male fear; apprehension Basotho
Liam Male determined guardian Irish
Likengkeng Female tears Basotho
Likhang Female arguments Basotho
Likhapa Female tears Basotho
Lillian Female lily flower Portuguese
Lily Female lovely lily flower American
Lindelani Male and Female be patient; wait Tshivenda
Lindidwe Female waited for Zulu
Lineo Female gifts; talents Basotho
Litšehoana Female little laughter Basotho
Litsoanelo Female suitable things Basotho
Livhu Male and Female thankful; grateful Tshivenda
Logan Male meadow Irish
Lucas Male bringer of light German
Luis Male famous warrior Spanish
Luke Male bringer of light Latin
Lulama Female meek; soft-spoken Xhosa
Lutendo Male and Female faith Tshivenda
Luvhengo Male and Female hatred Tshivenda
Mackenzie Female child of the wise leader Irish
Madeline Female high tower Greek
Madison Female good child of Maud English
Mahlubandile Male the clan has increased Xhosa
Majobo Female mother of job Basotho
Makalo Male bewilderment Basotho
Makayla Female who is like God? American
Maletsatsi Female daylight; sunshine Basotho
Mamello Female perseverance Basotho
Mamello Male perseverance Basotho
Mareka Male warlike; martial Basotho
Maria Female sea of bitterness Hebrew
Maria Female sea of bitterness Basotho
Mariah Female sea of bitterness Hebrew
Mariha Female winter; cold season Basotho
Mary Female sea of bitterness Hebrew
Masingita Male and Female miracles Xitsonga
Masoabi Female shame Basotho
Mason Male a stone worker French
Masopha Male chieftain; leader of the tribe Basotho
Matshediso Female consolation Basotho
Mattheu Male gift of God Basotho
Matthew Male gift of God Hebrew
Maya Female God’s creative power Hindi
Mbali Female flower Zulu
Megan Female pearl; great Greek
Melanie Female dark & radiant skin Greek
Mia Female mine Italian
Michael Male who is like God? Hebrew
Michelle Female who is like God? French
Miguel Male who is like God? Spanish
Mmaabo Female their mother Setswana
Mmalefu Female mother of death; illness Basotho
Mmalesotho Female mother of Lesotho Basotho
Mncedisi Female helper Xhosa
Moeketsi Male multiplier; proliferate Basotho
Mohau Female pity; mercy Basotho
Mohlomi Male wisest of leaders Basotho
Moipone Female self-admirer Basotho
Molahlehi Male the lost one Basotho
Molapo Male stream; river Basotho
Molatodi Male one who denies everything Basotho
Moratuoa Female darling Basotho
Moratuwa Female darling Basotho
Moreri Male preacher Setswana
Morgan Female seashore Welsh
Mosemodi Male boy from the legends Basotho
Mosemotsane Male boy from the legends; twin Basotho
Moshanyana Male boy Basotho
Moshe Male saved from the water Basotho
Mosiuoa Male abandoned one Basotho
Mothusi Male helper Setswana
Motlalentwa Male brings war; fighter Basotho
Mpfareleli Male and Female forgive me Tshivenda
Mphafane Male praises God Basotho
Mphedziseni Male and Female finish me off Tshivenda
Msizi Male helper Zulu
Mthobeli Female the obedient one Xhosa
Muambiwa Male and Female is talked about Tshivenda
Mutshutshudzi Male and Female encourages bad behavior Tshivenda
Muzikayise Male builds his father’s house Zulu
Mzwamadoda Male family where men dominate Xhosa
Nana Female baby; infant Basotho
Nandi Female sweet Zulu
Natalia Female born on Christmas day Russian
Natalie Female born on Christmas day Latin
Nathan Male prophet during King David’s reign Hebrew
Nathaniel Male gift of God Hebrew
Nathi Male God is with us Zulu
Ndiyafhi Male and Female where do I go? Tshivenda
Nduvho Male and Female praise Tshivenda
Neo Female gift; talent Basotho
Nevaeh Female snow American
Nicholas Male victory of the people Greek
Nicole Female victory of the people French
Nkhetheleng Female choose for me Basotho
Nkhumbudzeni Male and Female remind me Tshivenda
Nkhumbuleni Male and Female remember me Tshivenda
Nkosiphendule Female the Lord has answered Xhosa
Nkosiphendule Male God has answered Zulu
Nku Male sheep Basotho
Nnyadzeni Male and Female disrespectful Tshivenda
Nnyawedzeni Male and Female recover after suffering Tshivenda
Nnyaweleni Male and Female recover after suffering Tshivenda
Noah Male peaceful, restful Hebrew
Nofoto Female like her grandmother Xhosa
Nokresimesi Female born on Christmas day Xhosa
Nokwayiyo Female it is also a girl Xhosa
Nomathyhifilili Female ugly and unappetizing Xhosa
Nombulelo Female gratitude Xhosa
Nomfazwe Female born during a war Xhosa
Nomsa Female caring one; faithful Zulu
Nomthandazo Female prayer Xhosa
Nomusa Female grace and kindness Zulu
Nonkululeko Female freedom Zulu
Nontasasa Female born in the early morning Xhosa
Nontshaba Female mother of enemies Xhosa
Nosopholo Female born at supper time Xhosa
Nothembi Female faith; hope Zulu
Notumato Female beautiful at birth Xhosa
Nthati Female one to love me Basotho
Nthatisi Female historical female name Basotho
Nthofeela Male thing Basotho
Ntombentsha Female new girl Xhosa
Ntombifikile Female the girl has arrived Xhosa
Ntombifuthi Female another girl Zulu
Ntsako Male and Female happy Xitsonga
Ntsebo Female whispers; rumors Basotho
Ntshengedzeni Male and Female torture me Tshivenda
Ntsumi Male and Female angel Xitsonga
Ntswaki Female only sister among brothers Basotho
Nyeleti Male and Female star Xitsonga
Oagile Male firmly built household Basotho
Oarona Female ours Basotho
Olivia Female olive tree Latin
Owen Male born to nobility Irish
Paige Female young assistant French
Palesa Female flower Basotho
Paolosi Male little one Basotho
Paseka Male born on Easter Basotho
Pha?hutshedzo Male and Female blessings Tshivenda
Phahamo Male eminence Basotho
Phathu Male and Female blessings Tshivenda
Phetoho Male change Basotho
Phila Male I’m in good health Zulu
Philani Male we are in good health Zulu
Polo Male alligator Basotho
Poloko Male safety Basotho
Pont’so Female exhibition; revelation Basotho
Qhonqholotsane Male traditional name Basotho
Qukeza Male first of twins; be diligent Xhosa
Rabe Male and Female prayer Tshivenda
Rachel Female female sheep Hebrew
Ratu Female love of mine Basotho
Reabetsoe Female we have been provided for Basotho
Reabetswe Female we have been provided for Basotho
Rebecca Female tied bound Hebrew
Refiloe Female we have been given Basotho
Refiloe Male we have been given Basotho
Refilwe Male we have been given Basotho
Rendi Male and Female give praise Tshivenda
Reneilwe Female given Setswana
Rethabile Male we are happy Basotho
Richard Male rich and powerful ruler English
Riley Female valiant Irish
Robert Male famous, brilliance English
Rotshidzwa Male and Female we have been saved Tshivenda
Rudzani Male and Female console the suffering Tshivenda
Rudzi Male and Female console the suffering Tshivenda
Ryan Male little king Irish
Samantha Female listener Latin
Samuel Male asked of God Hebrew
Sandile Male increased our family Zulu
Sanele Male satisfied; we have enough Zulu
Sara Female princess Hebrew
Sarah Female princess Hebrew
Savannah Female a treeless plain Spanish
S’bu Male blessing Zulu
Sean Male God is gracious Irish
Sebastian Male venerable; revered Greek
Sehlolo Male disaster Basotho
Sei Male and Female they are not amused Tshivenda
Sekgolokhane Male wanderer Basotho
Setjhaba Male nation Basotho
Shandu Male and Female change Tshivenda
Shandukani Male and Female change Tshivenda
Sibusiso Male blessing Zulu
Sifiso Male what we wished for Zulu
Sihle Male beautiful feeling Zulu
Sinethemba Female we have hope Zulu
Siphelele Male we are complete Zulu
Siphephelo Female refuge Zulu
Sizani Female you all help Zulu
Sizwe Male nation Zulu
Slindile Female we are waiting Zulu
Sofia Female wise Greek
Sophia Female wise Greek
Stephanie Female crowned Greek
Steven Male crowned Greek
Sydney Female from Saint-Denis, France French
Taki Male and Female be happy Tshivenda
Tanga Male and Female accept me Tshivenda
Tau Male lion Basotho
Taylor Female tailor; seamstress English
Teboho Male gratitude Basotho
Tefo Male payment; reward Basotho
Tendani Male and Female believe Tshivenda
Thabisa Female bring joy Zulu
Thabisco Female gladness Sepedi
Thabiso Male joy-bringer Basotho
Thando Male love Zulu
Thanduxolo Female lover of peace Xhosa
Thanyani Male and Female be careful Tshivenda
Thebe Male shield Basotho
Themba Male trust; hope Zulu
Thembeka Female to be reliable Xhosa
Thilivhali Male does not forget Tshivenda
Thina Male and Female I have no body Tshivenda
Thinawanga Male and Female I have no body Tshivenda
Thomas Male twin Greek
Thuso Male help Basotho
Thuto Female lesson Basotho
Thuto Male lesson Basotho
Timothy Male honoring God Hebrew
Tlhokomelo Female being careful Basotho
Tlholo Male victory Basotho
Tlotliso Male honor Basotho
Trinity Female holy triad Greek
Tristan Male bold knight Welsh
Tsebo Male knowledge Basotho
T’sehla Male yellow man; lion’s cub Basotho
Tsela Male path Basotho
Tshanduko Male and Female change Tshivenda
Tshawe Male from the Nomatshawe clan Xhosa
Tshediso Male consolation Basotho
Tshepo Female hope Basotho
Tshiananeo Male and Female a tale; a story Tshivenda
Tshidino Male and Female bothers or annoys Tshivenda
Tshinyalani Male and Female damaged; cursed Tshivenda
Tsie Male locust Basotho
Tsietsi Male predicament; dilemma Basotho
Tumisang Male give praise Basotho
Tungu Male and Female makes me sad; hurts me Tshivenda
Tyler Male tile maker English
Unathi Male he is with us Zulu
Valeria Female strong Latin
Vanessa Female butterfly Greek
Victoria Female victorious Latin
Vuyo Female happiness Xhosa
Wandile Male you are extra Zulu
William Male determined guardian English
Wushe Male from the Nomawushe clan Xhosa
Wyatt Male little warrior French
Xavier Male owner of the new house Arabic
Zachary Male God remembered Hebrew
Zifihlephi Male where can you hide? Xhosa
Zinhle Female beautiful child Zulu
Zithembe Male trust yourself Zulu
Zoe Female life Greek