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Baby Boom Lay-by Terms and Conditions

  1. 20% Deposit.
  2. Balance payable over 3 or 6 Months.
  3. Baby Boom retains full ownership of products until paid in full.
  4. Goods will not be handed over without positive proof of identity.
  5. No transaction will be cancelled/amended without positive proof of identity.
  6. A cancellation fee of 1% of the total price of items on the payment plan will be deducted in case of cancellation of the agreement.
  7. Baby Boom will on request provide a statement of the payment history.
  8. Baby Boom reserves the right to cancel the payment plan if payments are missed according to the payment plan.
  9. Baby Boom reserves the right to adjust prevailing prices at the time of default
  10. Items on sale cannot be purchased on Lay-by.
  11. Expired lay-bys will forfeit all monies paid to date.
  12. Cancelled lay-bys older than 3 months will be refunded with a store voucher to the value of monies paid to date, less the 1% cancellation fee.