Baby Travel Essentials

This time of the year is packed with public holidays. You want to be with your family and friends, but travelling with your baby can be tricky if you did not plan for the trip in advance.

The key to less hassle is packing light. There is no need for a suitcase when you will only be visiting for a day or a weekend. Think practical when packing your baby bag and try sticking to one bag. There are some benefits to travelling with a baby under one. They can’t move around much in the car and they will be sleeping for a great part of the trip, hopefully! Mommy only needs to provide for their basic needs and make sure that they have something to play with.

Babies have a lot of different needs and just because you are now travelling does not mean that these needs automatically stop. Diapers still need to be changed and baby still needs to be fed. In our modern day and age, we have products available at Baby Boom to make travelling easier for mommy and baby.

Baby Boom offers the Snuggletime Nappy Changing Clutch to make those diaper changes easier. Mommy can simply open the clutch, lay baby down on and put on a clean nappy.  Now you can change your baby’s diaper on the backseat or when you stop for refreshments.

If its feeding time and you are not breastfeeding or are the driver for the day then you can opt for a quality baby bottle. The Avent Natural feeding bottle is specially designed with an advanced colic system to calm fussy babies. Try something amusing to hold baby’s attention when he gets a bit fidgety. You can keep those little hands busy with the Winfun Jungle Learning Board. Your little one will adore playing with the five-key keyboard.

Remember planning and packing light is key when you are travelling with your baby. You want you and your baby to be comfortable and to cater to his or her essential needs.

See below for some of Baby Boom’s travel essentials:

-Nappy Changing Clutch

-Comfortable Padded Hygienic area to change baby

-Compact travel pouch for nappies, wipes and cream

-Folds away into a compact pouch with carry handle

-2x125ml natural latch on bottles

-Petals inside the teat increase softness and flexibility without teat collapse

-Wide breast shaped teat promotes natural latch on similar to the breast and makes combining breast and bottle feeding-BPA free