Is your baby teething? Easing baby’s teething pain makes life easier all-round for everyone, especially baby.

Every baby goes through their crucial development phase. During that time, your baby starts getting their first teeth. This is generally a painful stage in their lives since they start experiencing swollen gums and recurrent feelings of discomfort. Fortunately, for you as a mother, there are ways to make your baby feel better when they are teething.

During your baby’s teething phase, they will start gnawing and chewing on any object they can get their hands on. For a safer and fun way to control what your baby is chewing, let them play with teething toys. Teething toys are the perfect toy for babies who start teething. Not only will it keep your little one’s mouth busy, but it also relieves sore gums and help your baby feel more comfortable during their teething stage. Some teething toys comes in interesting shapes and vibrant colours to help stimulate your baby’s mind. Teething toys are also ideal for tactile development since it helps your baby develop their motor skills by keeping their hands and fingers busy.

Here are two of our products:

Bambino Roundabout Rattles


– Textured teethers to soothe sore gums

– Various textures for tactile development

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Baby Leo 3 Pack Waterfilled Teether


– BPA and PVC free

– Manufactured with the highest standard of safety in mind with high quality materials used.

– The water filled teether allows you to cool the product aiding in relieving discomfort during teething

– They are ergonomically- designed for little hands so babies can hold them comfortably while using

– Available in fun colours and designs

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