Making traveling with your baby safe and easy

We all know that traveling with your little one can be a challenge but luckily we live in a day and age where there exist baby products designed especially for travelling.

Just like Mommy baby needs a bit of fresh air. A nice walk down the street or a stride to the park are one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy some fresh air and to soak up some sun. At Baby Boom we have various travel systems to ease the travelling process with your baby. You may want to consider getting one for travelling with your baby. Travel systems are multi-piece sets that are sold as a package-deal consisting of a stroller and an instant car seat. However, it may include extra car seat bases and other accessories. Some travel systems have great convenience features such as one-hand folding, swing out front trays, and fully reclining seats for newborns. Most of the travel systems feature a cup holder so mommy can take her coffee with her on a stroll. On average a travel system has a weight limit of 18kg.

Mommies are always rushing somewhere and when the nanny is not available you have to take baby along for the ride. We know that your baby’s safety is always your first concern. This is why we recommend that you use a car seat to secure your baby’s safety in your car. Car seats save lives – literally! If you get the best car seat you don’t have to worry about your baby at the back of the car and can simply focus on your driving. Make sure to fasten the child securely in his car seat before you move on to your seat. Something to remember is that babies are growing from the moment they are born so don’t be disappointed if your baby outgrows his car seat. On average a car seat will only last up to the first 12 or 18 months of baby’s life.

Another safety option for travelling is a booster seat. Unlike the car seat baby won’t grow out of the booster seat as quickly. Children can and should use booster seats until they are old or big enough to use the adult seatbelt. Factors to consider when buying a booster seat are your child’s weight, height, if it has a proper three-point lap and diagonal seat-belt fitting when driving in your car and of course if the seat will fit in your car.

It is really important to remember that your child should be kept in the most appropriate safety seat suitable for his size and age. Your baby should only be moved to the next safety seat when he has outgrown the particular safety seat.

Now as you can see mommies, you have options when it comes to the safety of your child when traveling.

Baby Boom has a selection travel options for your baby. See below for some of our travel options:

Titanium Baby Travel System Apache Sahara


-Sun Canopy

-Three wheels for easy move

-Multiple reclining seat

-Shopping basket

-Five-point safety harness

-Front-locking system

-Suitable form birth to 18 kg’s

-Compatible car seat suitable from 0 -13 kg’s Car Seat

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Titanium Baby I-Safety Car Seat


-Group 0/1/2 car seat (0-25 kg, 0 months to around 6 years)

-Approved according to the European standard ECE R44/04

-Equipped with 5-point safety belt

-Includes adjustable headrest

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