Anneke Eckert

“Thank you very much, my baby loves his Tula Baby nursing pillow! The Tula baby is making it much easier for him to learn how to sit and it’s great for tummy time! It is so soft and he also falls asleep on it easily!”

Diosa Ntshingila

“The Tulababy nursing pillow is literally Godsent! it is like my partner in parenting. An excellent, supportive pillow that has helped me find a better position that works for me and my baby it. Has made our breastfeeding journey a lot easier. Finding a comfortable position when breastfeeding used to be a struggle, I would frequently change sides.

My arms would hurt and cramp whenever I hold my baby for too long now I no longer have that problem because most of my baby’s weight goes to the pillow. It helps position my baby for a more comfortable latch. It also makes excellent assistance for my boy who’s currently learning how to sit, we also use it for his tummy time. I love that it was made with hypoallergenic material and it’s easily washable. It is easy to use and easy to travel with (it fits perfectly inside my baby’s nappy bag).I would recommend the Tula baby nursing pillow to every mom or mom to be, it’s a must have!!!”